How do I download and install my library?

HAVE AUDIO relies on Pulse Downloader to offer you the easiest and fastest way to download your products and have all your libraries in one place!

After fullfilling the order you'll receive a confirmation mail, your invoice and an email from Pulse containing your redemption key. If you don't have it installed yet, you'll need to install Pulse Downloader at the link provided in your redemption code email and create an account. Then, once logged in, simply click on "Add a Product", enter your "Redemption Key", press "Redeem" and the download process will start authomatically.You can decide  where to install your product/s. No more "download link expired" messages and fast download and auto extraction. Please Note: This is a one-time operation. The downloader will be the same for all future purchases on HAVE AUDIO and for many other VSTs and Sample Packs boughts on various websites.

Once the library is stored on your computer or external hard drive, open your DAW and Kontakt 5 or 6 and click the 'Files' tab which is located on the top left side of Kontakt's interface. From there, browse your folders and select your library. Double click the NKI file or drag it into Kontakt.

As many other boutique virtual instruments our libraries don't show in Kontakt's library tab. If we choose to implement that feature you'll be the first to know and you'll get a new copy, totally free, with the new update.

Do you offer educational discounts?

Absolutely. Students are the composer of tomorrow's music and teachers are their guides to get there, so we definitely want all of them to HAVE AUDIO our products at a very special price.

We offer a permanent 30% discount to all students and educators! Simply email a copy of your student/teacher ID, acceptance letter or any other valid document to info@haveaudio.com with the subject title 'EDU Discount', and we will send you a unique discount code you will be able to use instantly on any product.  Please note that discount codes are not cumuative and, if we're offering other general discounts, bundle special prices or running some special offers, only the highest discount will apply.

What software is required to use HAVE AUDIO libraries?

Just your DAW and the full version of Kontakt 5 (version 5.6.8+)

My download link has expired and I need to redownload my library. What should i do?

Thanks to Pulse Downloader you won't see no more link expiration messages!

Troubleshooting: my library doesn't load or loads slowly. Should I batch resave?

When opening the library the very first time, in rare cases Kontakt can take a long time to rebuild the cache of a large instrument, with lots of sample (such as Omnidrums for example). If you're experiencing long loading time or Kontakt seems to get stuck while loading the library, just do the following:

  • Open your Kontakt 5 app (standalone mode and note inside your DAW). Do a batch resave and leave the computer working. It can take up to 30 minutes but this should be a one time only process. Also, don’t worry if nothing seems to happen. Sometimes Kontakt can look like it's freezed or even didn’t start the process.
  • After that you should solve the issue and the instrument should load correctly and fast.
  • All our libraries have an average loading time from seconds to 1 minute and a half aprox on most system.

If that doesn't solve the issue and you're a Window user, please check if you’re using some type of antivirus.
Some antivirus softwares stop the creation of the nkc cache file that Kontakt needs to scan the samples quickly at startup. Disable the antivirus (or whitelist the nkc file) and then let the instrument load completely once and see if it's faster and loads correctly after that. If you have any issue just drop us a line at: info@haveaudio.com and we'll be happy to provide assistance for you.