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CATTANEO Electric Piano


CATTANEO Electric Piano is an authentic dreamlike experience. Sampled directly from Cattaneo’s custom-modified and “augmented” Rhodes-type piano, it is nothing like any other electric piano you may have heard. With its HUMAN layer and press/release noises of the sustain pedal responding to your midi pedal, you’ll feel like you were playing the real instrument. Additionally you can engage 2 sound design layers to add swells, granular polyphony and an extra color layer, created by sampling tuned crystal glasses. Use them combined or solo to achieve unique, surprising results. Engage the cassette tape noises and wobble FX to enter a lo-fi world, add rhythm and movement with the arpeggiator, top-class reverb algorithms, delay, and 3 built-in pedal FX with 6 different FX types to choose. All you need to create beautiful piano music and beyond.

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Technical specification for CATTANEO Electric Piano

647 samples in ncw. format. Requires full version of KONTAKT 6.6.1+ (not compatible with Free Kontakt Player).

Size: 2,23 GB (Uncompressed file)


5 mixable channels

PIANO: main sound

HUMAN: it captures the sound of the hands while hitting the keys

SWELL: sound designed swells

GRAINS: granular sound design layer

COLOR: tuned crystal glasses

FX and controls:

  • ATTACK: customize the attack to your taste
  • REVERB: choose between 6 top-class algorithms
  • DELAY chose your delay type (Normal/Ping-Pong), time subdivision menu and level
  • SUSTAIN PEDAL Volume: if you engage it, it reacts to your midi sustain pedal sounding like a real one
  • TAPE SECTION: turn your electric piano into a lo-fi gem
    • Tape Noises: choose between 6 samples cassette tape hiss types
    • Wobble: add wobbling to get those typical, random detuning effects
  • 3 FX PEDALS with 6 FX types each to choose between Eq, Compression, Saturation, Chorus, Phaser and Leslie

8 GB of RAM or more is highly recommended. You need to be able to run Kontakt Full Version 6.6.1+.
Sample resolution: .ncw format



Instrument Concept and Project Manager: Walter Beltrami

Musician: Paolo Cattaneo

Recorded and mixed at Particles Factory Studio, Italy

UI and Graphic Design: Have Design Studio & Martina Primavera

Teaser Video by Ella Bordeaux

Kontakt Scripting: Urs Bollhalder